Welcome to Wellworth! 

I am thrilled to introduce you to Wellworth Health, Inc., a wellness organization based in San Diego, California (NPI #156 822 4970). Wellworth Health is dedicated to helping people who are helping people through our psychotherapy practice, clinical community, and retreat offerings.


We are introducing our psychotherapy practice first. Wellworth Therapy, DBA, is made up of a uniquely diverse and eclectic group of gifted and passionate, licensed therapists around the country. We are thrilled to offer apprenticeships for provisionally licensed clinicians through our new partnership with Motivo Health.


Wellworth Health bloomed from a life-long friendship with Ms. Susie Buck, an exceptional human resource executive who is entrepreneurial at heart with extensive corporate leadership experience in the life science and bipharm/tech space. We have aligned our shared passions and skills for helping people who are helping people. 


Integral Bloom continues to grow in its own field and is grateful to partner with this growing venture.

We're hiring!

Wellworth Health Co-Founders and Co-Presidents:

Maria Mellano, LICSW, CP


Hello and Welcome!

I am Maria Mellano, LICSW/CP and I'm so glad you're here. I am the founder and CEO of Integral Bloom, Inc and Co-President and Chief Clinical Office of Wellworth Health, Inc., a growing wellness practice dedicated to helping people who are helping people.


As a psychotherapist, psychodramatist, and coach, I help highly sensitive and inspired people make sense of the insights they are receiving to activate personal power and create highly purposeful lives. I specialize in helping therapists: as therapy patients to heal from burn out, stress, and vicarious traumatization, then as coaching clients to shine through your unique brilliance as thriving clinicians aligning your professional identity with your purposeful vision to attract your soul nourishing clientele.


My practice celebrates unity - where mind, body, and spirit intertwine to nurture complete health and vitality. Together, we journey from chronic stress to a life infused with love and purpose, shedding stress-inducing burdens along the way. Let's reclaim our sparkle and connection, as our lives reflect the quality of our relationships. Join me in crafting a new narrative full of vitality, purpose, and authentic connection. 


I hope you will explore the clinicians who provide care through Wellworth, each gifted and skilled in their unique brilliance to help you along your healing journey.


"Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn't know before you learned it." ~ Maya Angelou

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Susie (Eve) Buck, MS



"Life's greatest celebration is not found in grand moment, but in the daily dance of gratitude for the simple joys that color our world." ~ Eve Buck 

Wellworth Senior Leadership:

Jason Buck


Jason Buck is our Chief Technology Officer. He is a Wharton Certified Technology expert and IT and marketing leader.


"Those that fail to learn from the past are destined to repeat it." ~ Derived from original quote by George Santayana, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Dr. Marshaun Glover, PhD


Dr. Marshaun Glover is the Co-Founder and CEO, of Match Medical Practice Solutions with his accomplished life and business partner, Match Medical Co-Founder and COO, Dr. Wiljeana Jackson Glover. They are the epitome of a power couple who lead with grace and ease. He brings over a decade of personal experience in revenue cycle management from managing his own private practice as a Clinical Psychologist at Liberty Wellness, the location we both practiced out of in Boston, Massachusetts prior to Covid. Thriving through this transition, emerging as a leader in business consulting and as a psychologist in his own virtual practice is impressive. He also has an MBA from Babson College. He brings his care, attention to detail and perseverance from the field of mental health to now understand and solve your practice needs. Together, Dr. Glover and Dr. Jackson-Glover create success. 

"Don't be afraid to try. Most of the time you will surprise yourself" ~ Marshaun Glover

       Our Therapists:

Kevin Andrews, LCSW


Hello! My name is Kevin, and I’m a Clinical Social Worker, Somatic Therapist, and Clinical Apprentice in Integral Bloom an affiliate practice with Wellworth Therapy. I am a graduate of Boston University School for Social Work. I specialize in supporting trauma survivors healing by accessing your body’s innate wisdom, positively shifting your relationship with your emotions, and reclaiming for healing wounded parts of yourself. I have openings in my practice and can take clients with Harvard Pilgrim and Tufts as well as Out of Network Insurances with plans in Massachusetts. Get started today.

"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind." ~ Caroline Myss

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Tiffany Armstrong, LICSW


Hello! My name is Tiffany, and I’m a Clinical Social Worker and my practice is based in Boston, Massachusetts. I am a graduate of Simmons University School for Social Work. I have a special interest in working with transitional age youth and young adults (18-25 year olds) navigating life transitions such as college, graduate school, career stress, sexuality and gender identity/expression, parenting, relationships, substance use and disordered eating. I have openings in my practice and can take clients with Optum and Blue Cross Blue Shield, as well as Out of Network Insurances. I am licensed in Massachusetts. Get started today.

"In the middle of every difficulty lies an opportunity." ~ Albert Einstein

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Jacqueline Sabella, LCSW-A


Hello! I'm Jacqueline. Do you struggle with confidence and seeing purpose beyond the sadness and pain you feel? In my therapy practice, I foster a warm, inviting, kind space where giving to my clients empowers inner strength. I listen without judgement as I support women who struggle in life transitions and relationships through empathy, compassion, honesty, and loyalty leading to the happiness you seek. I look forward to hearing from you. Get started today!

"Broken crayons still color." ~ Letisha Russell


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