Maria Mellano, LICSW/CP


Hello and Welcome!

I am Maria Mellano, LICSW/CP (NPI # 1578772588) and I'm so glad you're here. I am the founder and CEO (chief evolutionary officer) of Integral Bloom. As a psychotherapist, psychodramatist, and coach, I help highly sensitive and inspired people make sense of the insights they are receiving to activate personal power and create highly purposeful lives. I specialize in helping therapists as therapy patients to heal from burn out, stress, and vicarious traumatization; then, as coaching clients to shine through your unique brilliance as thriving clinicians aligning your professional identity with your purposeful vision to attract your soul nourishing clientele.

My practice celebrates unity - where mind, body, and spirit intertwine to nurture complete health and vitality. Together, we journey from chronic stress to a life infused with love and purpose, shedding stress-inducing burdens along the way. Let's reclaim our sparkle and connection, as our lives reflect the quality of our relationships. Join me in crafting a new narrative full of vitality, purpose, and authentic connection to bloom a life you love.    

I hope you scroll down and meet my team, each gifted and skilled in their unique brilliance. I also invite you to explore my offerings designed to empower and heal, Pause at the Well and Birds and the Bees, 2.0.


"Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn't know before you learned it."

~ Maya Angelou

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Belen Lazaro


Hello! My name is Belen Lazaro. Welcome to my coaching practice! I am a Life Empowerment Coach. I believe in the power of being present and the importance of addressing fears and limitations head-on. I have ten years of experience helping individuals from all walks of life discover their power in dealing with all types of circumstances. By delving into the essence of their being - my work with clients enables profound and lasting change.  With a deep proficiency in transformational ontological coaching, my unique style emphasizes keen listening, being able to see past what someone's actually saying while listening for values rather than complaints. It also emphasizes being focused on having the facts be the main focus for dealing with life's circumstances from the here and now, rather than living from interpretations based on the past or fear of the future.


"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending"

~ C.S. Lewis

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Kevin Andrews, LCSW


Hello! I'm Kevin, a Somatic and Emotion Centered Therapist (NPI # 1811656598). In my practice, I offer space for your authentic self to be seen and heard which invites you to experience holding and wholeness.  This enables you to grow trust in yourself and be in true connection. I specialize in supporting trauma survivors to find healing by learning to regulate your nervous system, positively shifting your relationship with your emotions, and the impacts of your past. I welcome new clients into my practice and look forward to hearing from you. Hope is here.


"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind."

~ Caroline Myss

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Lisa Olsen


Please email Lisa at [email protected] if you have scheduling questions, need to reach Maria and haven't heard back yet, or have any other questions related to coordination and management of the practice. Lisa is passionate about empowering owner operators to make their businesses look and run better, resulting in smoother operations and increased profitability. When she's not busy helping with entrepreneurial endeavors, Lisa finds joy in the company of her beloved kitty cat, Blayze. In her leisure time, you’ll find her enjoying aqua aerobics or indulging in a curated selection of YouTube videos.


 "Life is what happens to us when we're making other plans"

~ Allen Saunders

Dr. Marshaun Glover, PhD


Dr. Marshaun Glover is the Co-Founder and CEO, of Match Medical Practice Solutions with his accomplished life and business partner, Match Medical Co-Founder and COO, Dr. Wiljeana Jackson Glover. They are the epitome of a power couple who lead with grace and ease. He brings over a decade of personal experience in revenue cycle management from managing his own private practice as a Clinical Psychologist at Liberty Wellness, the location we both practiced out of in Boston, Massachusetts prior to Covid. Thriving through this transition, emerging as a leader in business consulting and as a psychologist in his own virtual practice is impressive. He also has an MBA from Babson College. He brings his care, attention to detail and perseverance from the field of mental health to now understand and solve your practice needs. Together, Dr. Glover and Dr. Jackson-Glover create success.


"Don't be afraid to try. Most of the time you will surprise yourself" ~ Marshaun Glover

Christine Buffaloe


Since 2005, Serenity Virtual Assistant Services is a sole proprietorship based in San Felipe, Baja California. Christine specializes in Social Media Marketing, WordPress and Kajabi, and Internet Marketing Consulting.  When she is not working at her computer creating serenity through her VA services, she enjoys knitting, taking her dogs for hikes and working with special needs children access healing through equine support. Her other passion is walking marathons and riding her Yamaha V-Star 1100 motorcycle.


Angela Marie


Angela Marie is a gifted intuitive who supports the Pause at the Well offering and community through her uplifting, inspiring, and intuitively aligned readings. She is also an excellent bookkeeper and creator of Grounded Dreamers. She is committed to holding space for stretching your soul. Through this, she supports Grounded Dreamers serving as a bridge between realms, remaining rooted in “reality” while simultaneously connected to Spirit.


"In a grounded state, we establish a firm foundation from which to dream - raising our vibration to a new level."  ~ Angela Marie

Isabella Rose Mellano, "Dogtor Izzy"


Dogtor Izzy is an all paws in kinda furry gal. When she's not busy bringing joy, love and healing to everyone she meets, Izzy finds bliss in the company of her humans, barking out the window off her perch on the stairs, digging holes in the dirt, and rolling around on her back in the grass and in her special fluffy doughnut bed. In her leisure time, you’ll find her snoring sweetly and proudly and doing just about anything to enroll loving humans to indulge her in a delicious belly rub and chewy stick.


"That love is all there is, is all we know of love." ~ Emily Dickinson