intention setting group

meets Mondays online at 12:30 EST

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"I love the idea of setting an intention for the week on Monday. It's seriously like magic. This past Monday I had to force myself to show up to Bloom because I had tossed and turned the night before upset about recent family circumstances. But I'm so glad I did because when I sat there and thought about what my intentions were for the week I was able to get some clarity around what I really needed in that moment. I chose "nurture". All week I was easy on myself as far as deadlines and work. I decided to focus on my emotional needs first rather than trying to plow through my "To-do List". Instead, I drank a lot of tea, lit candles, wrote in my journal, meditated a lot... And miraculously, I was more focused when I worked. I ended up ending the week totally strong. With all my work done I was able to take this weekend off and enjoy a break-unplugged. Seems so contradicting. I'm seriously hooked to Bloom!"