The Premium Guided Tour of your Vulva & Vagina

On Friday, May 31, from 12:30-1pm ET on Zoom, I am hosting Kathy Kates, a Boston based nurse practitioner specializing in pelvic and sexual pain. This free webinar, β€œThe Premium Guided Tour of your Vulva and Vagina,” is specifically designed to empower mental health clinicians.


  • How your patient's vulvovaginal hormone health might be an underlying reason for their sexual and/or pelvic pain.
  • How certain medications, diagnoses, and stage of life could be affecting their vulvovaginal hormone health.
  • What key questions to ask that will help your patients/clients with sexual and pelvic pain.

Q & A: There will be time for questions!

We can’t wait to see you at the webinar - and invite your colleagues, too! The more the merrier!

Kathy Kates, NP is available as a partner to support your patients/clients. You can find her clinical practice at Pelvic Health Support. You can find incredible clinician pelvic health resources at The Institute for Pelvic Health and on Youtube.