Pause at the Well: online group, Mondays


Be uplifted and inspired in 30-minute online intention setting group for a one-time payment of $11.11. It's a great way to be connected and harness the power of intention to bloom a life you authentically love. Attend the group as you can. Receive the weekly soul guidance reading in an email that goes out after the session. Nourish your growth at the well.

 Format at the Well:

  • Welcome: we start promptly at 9:30 Pacific USA | 12:30 Eastern USA.  We meet for 30 minutes. The Bloom room opens at 9:25am | 12:25pm. Feel free to come early so we can start on time with everyone present. We close the room at 9:35am | 12:35pm. The group is intimate and confidential. We invite you to keep your camera on during the session which enhances the safety and participation for the group. 
  • Centering: we start by centering into the essence of how your feeling and what's on your mind. We also invite sharing any celebrations from the previous week.
  • Soul Guidance Reading:  Angela Marie of, brings through with creative focus the energies coming through for the week. We also do a video of the reading that goes out in the recap email.
  • Integration: pausing for presence and contemplation to calm the nervous system, we do a short meditation to cultivate focus and awareness in general and especially of the breath and the mind as we integrate the reading, designed to bring clarity to your weekly intention.   
  • Intentions: together we create and log our intentions for the week which brings conviction to not only your intention, but also for the group as a collective. 
  • Bloom Altar Offerings: for the tough, tight and/or tender places in your life, you're invited to name something you'd like support around. 

$11.11 USD

 Information to know:  

 * After the session, we send a recap that includes intentions from the group, but personal information and details is never disclosed.

 * After the session we send a short video of the soul card reading; however, this only includes Maria Mellano and Angela Marie as we do not record the group session. We record the video after the session.

 * This session is supportive and offers intention sharing and setting, fresh soul guidance readings each week, meditation and coaching for heart-aligned living. This is not a group therapy session, though Maria Mellano is a licensed therapist.

Session Agreements:

  • I agree to hold whatever is shared at the Well in absolute confidence.
  • I agree to having emotional support in place to process whatever emerges from Well.
  • I agree to join on time and stay for the full experience. If I need to arrive late or leave early for any reason, I will communicate that to Angela and/or Maria.
  • I agree to be respectful and honor diversity in all of its forms.
  • I agree to participate with my camera on and to display my name. Using pronouns are welcome but not required.