$900.00 USD

Mindbloom Mastermind: Thrive in Private Practice

Benefit from what I have learned and let me help you thrive in private practice. Don't just do it. Do it right!

Membership in the mastermind:

  • $999 for the 12-week program, pay in full (and get $99 off), or
  • pay in 3 installments of $333.00.
  • start the program at the beginning of any month for your 12-week commitment.  

What you'll get:

  • a deep grasp on the 5 M's of private practice: money, mindset, management, marketing, and mentorship
  • understand the link between integrity, performance, and realizing your potential.
  • discover how the 3 D's of imposter syndrome: doubt, internalized beliefs related to deserving, and fears of deception are undermining your success.
  • transform your 'scarcity matrix' into your "thrive matrix'.
  • create a skills & accomplishments inventory to support your Self image and esteem building.
  • understand your talents, and view them through the elements of your sacred branding archetype.
  • discovery your sacred money archetype and learn essential practices based on your archetype to align with abundance.
  • create a digital  "Thrive in Practice Practice Vision Board," with a plan of action that aligns with your board.
  • get guidance on the nuts and bolts for for setting up your domain, website, online profiles such as psychology today, zencare, and the like.
  • get direction setting up your business structure and strategies for managing the business aspects of your business, such as bookkeeping, scheduling, time management, etc. 
  • participate in weekly 90 minute online session, hosted by Maria Mellano with guests to learn about networking, billing, branding, and the like.
  • participate in a weekly 'registering your accomplishments and declaring your promises practice.'