Mindbloom Mastermind   

A program for psychotherapists to MASTER private practice. 


Mindbloom Mastermind is a program for psychotherapists to MASTER private practice using the 5 M's for mastery: Money, Mindset, Management, Marketing, and Mentorship.

FACT: Mastering private practice is NOT a topic graduate programs for psychotherapy teach. And, to do it well takes a business skill set that most therapists don't really have, or haven't prioritized. And, taking the leap into private practice can feel really scary, even terrifying. It sure did for me. Yet, here I am, 15 years later, operating a thriving private practice while standing in a fulfilling and abundant life, that I created. And, you can create that too. I went to social work graduate school to create a purposeful life inside of the mission 'to understand how violence manifested in communities and to do something about it.' I have come to realize the incredible opportunity for creating even more impact by helping other psychotherapists like yourself make your unique impact by benefiting from what I've learned along the way. It's a Win-Win all around.

In Mindbloom we focus on the 5 M's for mastery in private practice: Money, Mindset, Management, Marketing, and Mentorship.

Money - what does it mean to you? Talking about and dealing with money can feel excruciating for therapists. As a generalization, it's common in the field to prioritize connection and nurturance over bringing up the topic of money.  Many avoid it as much as possible if not all together, or simply fail because dealing with money matters can be so off-putting or require a skill set that is too stressful to take on learning. The financial health of a practice is vulnerable to being sabotaged if it is not directly dealt with, organized and prioritized. And, having a financially sound practice ensures your practice is successful which allows you to be a more present therapist. Simply put, being with money effectively is essential.

Mindset is critical - are you living in a scarcity, fear driven matrix? Or, in a mindset that allows for possibility? How you identify is deeply important to your self-image. It's essential to success to cultivate the identity of being a business owner - and the kind you want to be!

Managing a practice includes managing your time, money, scheduling, intakes, insurances, collaboration, self care, and SO much more. This is absolutely essential for the sustainability of YOU inside of your practice.  You are as healthy as your practice, and vice versa. Balance is critical, and that's challenging, especially in this field.

And, Marketing includes branding, social media use (or not), platforms for getting the word out that you're in private practice, networking, messaging, and much more. Doing this right takes thoughtfulness, planning, creativity, and focus.

Mindbloom can help you thrive. Another important M is Mentoring. Through the Mindbloom Mastermind community you will get expert mentoring that is not being offered elsewhere: access to successful practitioners who have learned through trial and error, and have gained invaluable experience how to do private practice right. 

Don't waste your precious resources - your money, time, energy, peace of mind... learn from the ones who have already figured it out.  Benefit from what I have learned and let Mindbloom help you thrive in private practice.

Membership in the mastermind:

  • $999 for the 12-week program, pay in full (and get $99 off), or
  • pay in 3 installments of $333.00.
  • start the program at the beginning of any month for your 12-week commitment.  

What you'll get:

  • a deep grasp of what I call the 5 M's of private practice: money, mindset, management, marketing, and mentorship
  • understand the link between integrity, performance, and realizing your potential.
  • discover how the 3 D's of imposter syndrome: doubt, internalized beliefs related to deserving, and fears of deception are undermining your success.
  • transform your 'scarcity matrix' into your "thrive matrix'.
  • create a skills & accomplishments inventory to support your Self image and esteem building.
  • understand your talents, and view them through the elements of your sacred branding archetype.
  • discovery your sacred money archetype and learn essential practices based on your archetype to align with abundance.
  • create a digital  "Thrive in Practice Practice Vision Board," with a plan of action that aligns with your board.
  • get guidance on the nuts and bolts for for setting up your domain, website, online profiles such as psychology today, zencare, and the like.
  • get direction setting up your business structure and strategies for managing the business aspects of your business, such as bookkeeping, scheduling, time management, etc. 
  • participate in weekly 90 minute online session, hosted by Maria Mellano with guests to learn about networking, billing, branding, and the like.
  • participate in a weekly 'registering your accomplishments and declaring your promises practice.' 

It is bravery that allows each of us to live our lives without being controlled by fear. By inviting you be within an empowering context, you are supported to break free of your confines and pursue what you really want.  Mindbloom will help free you from the limitations holding you back from being more fulfilled in your career through a successful private practice. Through the knowledge, inspiration, and support you'll get, you will feel secure to take risks that can lead to improved success and personal growth.

Integral Bloom is the organization behind Mindbloom:  Integral means essential to completeness. Bloom means to grow, flourish, or reach a peak of beauty and abundance. The philosophy of Mindbloom is to be bold, take action and live life to the fullest. Through the Mindbloom Mastermind, I aim to empower clinicians to take charge of their own paths and create success, which will allow you to best support your clients / patients to do the same.

 Option 1: 3 payments of $333

Set yourself up for success with others doing the same. Gather weekly to learn, brainstorm, and share inspiration through the challenges of being in business for yourself. Stay focused on your growth, expansion, and fulfilling your potential.

Register for 3 payments of $333

Option 2: 1 payment of $900 (save $99)

Set yourself up for success with others doing the same. Gather weekly to learn, brainstorm, and share inspiration through the challenges of being in business for yourself. Stay focused on your growth, expansion, and fulfilling your potential.

Register for 1 payment of $900


Great. Then, join me for a conversation about the Mindbloom Mastermind program and how it can aid you in creating possibilities for your professional future.

Register for the conversation on April 1, 2023 at 10am EST.