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Psychotherapy MASTERMIND is a group empowering psychotherapists to thrive in private practice.

In this group, we focus on success by:

  • addressing imposter syndrome, a common barrier holding people back from success, and
  • developing mastery in the key areas of:
    • money,
    • mindset,
    • marketing, and
    • management.

It's common for psychotherapists to resist running a psychotherapy practice as the business that it is.  In fact, the skills for operating a psychotherapy business are not taught in psychotherapy graduate programs. To learn these skills to thrive in private practice as a business allows us to expand our capacity to serve our clients/patients in the greatest way possible.

The feelings of doubt, internalized core issues related to deserving, and subsequent internalized false beliefs bound up by imposter syndrome disempowered me until I discerned the blind spot caused by the inner scarcity matrix that was fueling it.  Seeing imposter syndrome for what it is and doing the work to overcome it means dispelling the doubt, restructuring the internalized beliefs related to deserving, and clearing the fears of deception (of being a fraud) that undermine progress - opening the way for success.

In this mastermind you will discern your personal formula for how imposter syndrome fueled by your version of the scarcity matrix has impacted you. You will discover, discern, and become free from what's limiting your growth and expansion, then align your business' growth with the authenticity and freedom this allows for.

More on Money, Mindset, Management, and Marketing:

Moneywhat does it mean to you? Talking about and dealing with money can feel excruciating for therapists. As a generalization, it's common in the field to prioritize connection and nurturance over bringing up the topic of money.  Many avoid it as much as possible, if not all together. Many simply fail because dealing with money matters can feel too off-putting or require a skill set that is too stressful to take on learning. What could feeling empowered with money allow for in your life and practice? The financial health of a practice is vulnerable to sabotage if money matters are neglected! Having a financially sound practice provides security which allows you to be a better therapist.

Mindset is critical - are you living in a scarcity, fear driven matrix? Or, in a mindset that allows for possibility? How you identify is deeply important to your self-image. It's essential to success to cultivate the identity of being a business owner - and the kind you want to be! You CAN create a thriving psychotherapy business - and it can be soul-aligned and lucrative. 

Managing a practice includes managing your time, money, scheduling, intakes, insurances, collaboration, self care, and SO much more. This is absolutely essential for the sustainability of YOU inside of your practice.  You are as healthy as your practice, and vice versa. Balance is critical, and that's challenging, especially in this field. Self-care is essential.

Marketing includes branding, social media use (or not), platforms for getting the word out that you're in private practice, networking, messaging, and much more. Doing this right takes thoughtfulness, planning, creativity, and focus.

Don't waste your precious resources - your money, time, energy, peace of mind... let Mindbloom MASTERMIND help you thrive in growing your psychotherapy business.

What you'll get from membership in the mastermind:

  • mentorship and skills building in four key areas: money, mindset, management, and marketing,
  • overcome imposter syndrome: discover how the 3 D's of imposter syndrome: doubt, internalized beliefs related to deserving, and fears of deception are undermining your success, and
  • participate in weekly 55 minute session (online), hosted by Maria Mellano that will also include guests to learn from their experience and expertise too.

What it costs:

  • $200 a month for a monthly membership

Integral Bloom is the organization behind Psychotherapy MASTERMIND for Private Practice Success:  Integral means essential to completeness. Bloom means to grow, flourish, or reach a peak of beauty and abundance. The philosophy of the mastermind is to be bold balanced on a foundation of stability and security. Then, take action and live life to the fullest from that foundation. Through the mastermind, I aim to empower clinicians to take charge of their own paths and create success, which will allow you to best support your clients / patients to do the same.

You CAN create a thriving psychotherapy business - and it can be soul-nourishing and prosperous, too!


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