The format at the Well:

  • Welcome: starting promptly at 9:30 Pacific USA | 12:30 Eastern USA.  Bloom room opens at 9:25am Pacific | 12:25pm Eastern. Feel free to come early so we can start on time with everyone present.
  • Celebrating Intentions: sharing, logged in the chat and out-loud if you'd like, how your intention went from the previous week.
  • Soul Guidance Readingappreciating the intuitive guidance coming through for the week by Angela Marie of
  • Integration: pausing for presence and contemplation to calm the nervous system, cultivate awareness in general and especially of the breath, focus the mind, align with your inner intelligence (intuition | instincts | insights | information), and integrate the reading. This is all designed to bring clarity to your weekly intention.
  • Set and Share Your Intention: logging your intention for the coming week in the chat brings conviction to not only your intention, but also for the group as a collective.
  • Bloom Altar Offerings: for the tough, tight and/or tender places in your life. 

Though we hope you won't, you can opt out at any time for any reason. xo