authenticity creation life purpose tips from the well transformation Feb 21, 2022
Tips from the Well: Traveling
Tips from the well: Consider how traveling slow and steady (like a turtle) without losing sight of the bigger picture, knowing the destination is always there, can lead to victory.  The destination might feel far away, maybe even unreachable. But, by taking things step by step, feet firmly planted on the ground and following the sun (the light of it and the moon as well) always orienting towards the light through the dark and the energy of ever-rising through our challenges, we create value in our journeys. And, this creating value through the journey is how we create purpose in our lives.
Authenticity: the way of the rebel
Transformation: the way of the alchemist 
Steady Progress: the way of the turtle
Please enjoy the soul guidance reading video with Angela Marie and Maria Mellano that aligns with this post and the image below:

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