alignment courage letting go tips from the well Jan 11, 2022

Tips from the well:  Consider where in your life re-alignment is being called for… 

  • Where are you being called to move with the ebb and flow of life?
  • What needs to be let go of for this re-alignment to occur?

Letting go... breathe... letting in... breathe repeat... xo

Rest and align with source. 

Cherish the friends family of your choice

Take time this week to reflect on the process of re-alignment your being called towards.

Consider who and/or what in your life feels:

  • Fully aligned with your highest good flowing and growing?
  • Partially aligned with your highest good flowing and growing?
  • Not aligned with your highest good flowing and growing?  

Consider letting go of what is not aligned with your highest good so that you may more fully flow with and towards what is most aligned.

Consider setting boundaries in the areas that are only partially aligned, and see what happens. If this is a good relationship in your life, it will improve. If it needs to be released, that will reveal itself as well. Have faith. Remember, trust is a practice.

Consider ways to align with the energy of the element of water. This element is aligned with your second chakra energy center in your body, located about two fingers below your navel. Tune into this energy center and imagine as a flower opens with the sun rising... petals opening. Then imagine yourself as a flower, closing with the sunset, your petals closing. Allow your second chakra to feel open at a comfortable place and consider creating conscious boundaries within your life, and set them in this energy center. This will support balance and flow. This energy center is also about creating. Can your creativity enhance the alignment necessary in order for you to simply be yourself? Let go of the toxic comparisons that cause you to feel you are lacking or limited in some way. Be creative instead, and allow your innate gifts to flow with ease, like clean, fresh water in a creative drive for alignment.

Consider ways to cherish those in life whom you love. Consider connecting with friends and family, in both your outer world and inside. Cherishing your inner friends and family allows for the love and goodness to flow outward to your external friends and family relationships.

Please enjoy the soul guidance reading video with Angela Marie and Maria Mellano that aligns with this post and the image below:


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