Get a New Story

flow intuition personal growth tips from the well Jan 17, 2022
Get a New Story

Tips from the well: Consider what a new story could mean for your happiness… 

  • What is a story you've historically felt defined by?
  • Does it really need to keep defining you?

Step back and take a look at the bigger picture. What is your defining story? The one you've told yourself for years, or even decades? Is an old, stale, tired, and outdated story really one you want to keep telling, to either yourself or those around you?

What about a fresh story? Would it allow you to find a fresh experience in life? In your identity? What would you say? What would you feel? Listen deeply and allow your intuition to answer your call. Then lean into this to guide you towards the direction of realizing your dreams.

No one thing that you've been through needs to be the only thing that defines you. There is true freedom in embracing this truth. Let go of who you fear you are, or aren’t. Instead have faith in who you actually are. Transmute your fears into faith and align with FLOW.

What could a new story mean for your life? How can you FLOW into and with that?

  •  F - what we focus on expands. Are you focusing on fear or frustration - if so, this is what's expanding ... instead, focus on transmuting the fear and frustrations into faith ... feel the flow and the freedom this allows for.
  •  L - love is truly all around us all the time. Are you focusing on lack, loss, limitation or loneliness ... if you are, that's what you’ll be creating more of... instead, try bringing the light of LOVE to the equation and focus on that instead.
  •  O - feeling out of sorts can be a result of stress, distress, and disconnection. How about focusing instead on oneness... we are in this storm together - in different boats perhaps ... but the same storm. Embracing oneness... try on this thought: may the world be blessed with calm, and may it begin with me. This mantra can really come into oneness within the body; feel centered and connect in that and within ourselves.
  •  W - we are all both broken and WHOLE. Truly. In focusing on this truth and bringing light to the shadow parts of us that need love, we find the way to connect with our oneness and heal into the wholeness that is our divine right.

What affirmation could support your growth out of the old and into the new?

I used to be a person who ...
I am now a person who ...

Please enjoy the soul guidance reading video with Angela Marie and Maria Mellano that aligns with this post and the image below:  

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