Overcoming Insecurity

authenticity creativity energy healing overcoming insecurity Feb 14, 2022
Overcoming Insecurity

Tips from the well: Consider overcoming insecurity, impasse and impatience by slowing down and trusting. 

"So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing." By T.S. Elliot

In the completion of last week’s theme and knowing how a journey that follows completion can feel, what makes perfect sense is that this week’s energies of navigation reflect those of scarcity about what to do next. Insecurity, impasse, and impatience are naturally present as we navigate these next steps in our journeys. Am I enough? Can I do this? What needs my focus and attention? What is the correct next step?


Today’s reading from the Well takes us to the lower chakras, where feelings of scarcity live: in the underworld, in the shadowland, often out of our conscious awareness.  Today’s reading moves us up from here, through the heart space (represented by the wind and the element of air aligned with the heart chakra), and into the throat.


The throat chakra is our vehicle for self-expression and authenticity through speech. We’re being called to slow our energy down and allow our hearts to open for healing, to be healed by the activation that the wind can catalyze.  Use this activation, with the breath as your tool, to heal your heart, to heal resentments as healing the heart can allow for, thus emerging as the radiant light beings that we are meant to be.


Insecurity - This card is aligned with the first chakra energy and themes of grounded connection to existence and safety. It also aligns with hurts that need to be healed foundationally, so that we may move forward in our journeys with inner strength and resilience. First chakra hurts include those at the very core of our existence. Painful wounds from issues related to healthy entitlement, belonging and simply being in our lives, alive with life force.  An insecure heart, shown in the card image (shown) as the heart affected by something negative (depicted by the demon in the card directing its energy toward the heart). When we’re feeling foundationally insecure, everything else is made more difficult. It helps to make sure to remember that these feelings are present to help us find a way to move through our challenges - by looking at them as the gift of adversity. From this perspective we see that whatever is happening can help us GROW instead of becoming victimized by hurt or insecurity that has been catalyzed. I hold strong in the mindset and heartset that whatever is happening gives me the ability to grow, steady in the belief that “I got this.” In the ripple impact of triggered insecurity, the mindset / heartset practice of staying securely connected within brings reminders that I am safe, I am securely held, I am centered in Self and connected through my roots in the earth are essential and sustaining. I can trust mySelf.


Impasse -  this card is aligned with the second chakra, which is our emotions/feelings center and directs us as to how we relate to others through empathy. When at an impasse, we experience feelings of stuckness, of not knowing which direction in which to go. It is difficult to make progress when we're at an impasse because we can neither go forward nor be in the present moment, since the energy wavers between being trapped in the past and wanting to get on with moving on - yet held back by fear and a lack of faith. Remembering also, with second chakra empathy we must remember to make to maintain healthy boundaries of what’s mine and what’s not mine, in terms of what’s being felt.



Because this reading comes so quickly on the heels of the insecurity card, it’ reminds us that all of this is a detour, not a “no." In other words, the impasse itself is not saying “no” or “stop,” it's saying, "let's pause and find our way through the adversity without forcing or walking away." Let’s check our boundaries and center in Self. I can trust mySelf. 


Impatience - this card is aligned with the throat chakra. It makes sense that if we are feeling insecure and stuck at an impasse we might sense impatience in wanting to get on with things. But this card calls us not to rush. Being hasty or hurried brings back the blocks. A rushed response to situations that bring us to an impasse of insecurity or stuckness can bring more blocks.  This kind of energy is one where we can all stall at times, especially when we emerge from completion and are feeling ready to move on. It also calls us to be mindful with our words. It’s calling us to trust.


So, what do we do? Here, we offer a template to move forward when we are faced with adversity situations that make insecure, stuck not knowing what to do next, and impatient waiting for the feelings and the situation to shift. We all know this feeling! So first and most importantly, we grow our trust muscle. We need to: 


  Slow Down: Take the way of the turtle. Practice the moment-to-moment energy of keeping our feet firmly under us, connected to the earth, steadfastly taking one step at a time pointed in the direction we feel called to take - this is the way of the turtle. (Slow and steady wins the race.)  We look up and ahead at the landscape and make a decision to proceed based on the wisdom of the moment. We practice trusting. We remember that we are safe at home within, at home in ourselves. We practice trusting this safety, aware of what it feels like. Sometimes we stick our necks out, but we can always return to feeling safely held within, and we practice trusting this. The process of slowing down, of feeling our feet grounded beneath us, and breathing into the present moment to slow ourselves down, allows us to center in Self and trust. Then we can let Self be our guide. We can trust that the forward motion is still being carried by the wind and the its activation. It is totally OK, and natural, to feel unsure in how to proceed. When we’re being carried forward we should simply emind ourselves to slow down and stay in the moment - trust and stay the course. Breathing in trust and exhaling fear. 


What does all of this allow for?


  Emergence | Dragonfly, and Radiance | Summer Solstice:

After doing the work of practicing present moment awareness, of taking things moment to moment and slowing down, we can practice forward allowing the signs to show us the way to proceed without forcing anything. We can breathe in and take the right next step. We can tune in; the U turn towards Self; and follow our inner compass. Most importantly, we can stay the course. By staying the course in our journeys, we can experience the rewarding outcome of emerging radiantly as the light we are meant to shine. This is how our trueness, our authentic self, can shine brightly from within. 





- I am safe. I am securely connected to the earth.  I got this. I can trust mySelf. 

- I am creative. I can safely flow with my feelings like the flow of water down a river.  I can safely create a new way forward. I can trust mySelf.

- I am truth. I am my authentic expression. I am safe to feel and express my truth. I can transmute (with the element of ether) my fears into faith.   I can stay the course. I can trust mySelf. 


Feel into your breath, breathe in deeply, like the wind, activate shifts and allow your breath to activate your awareness and oxygenate all of your cells. Breathe in safety and patience. Exhale and release feelings of insecurity, impasse, and impatience.  Use your breath to slow down and pace your process. Call forth trust to emerge and radiate from within the body, heart, mind, and soul. Then, pause for a moment to allow your intention to emerge from within. It will feel like a hunch, like a knowing, like a sense of what feels right. Practice honoring this. Practice trusting yourSelf. 


Please enjoy the soul guidance reading video with Angela Marie @groundeddreamers.com and Maria Mellano @bloomalifeyoulove.com that aligns with this post and the image below:

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