Breathing with the Forest

compassion creativity gratitude love tips from the well Jan 31, 2022

Tips from the well: Consider what breathing with the Forest could allow for in your life? And, please enjoy the soul guidance reading video with Angela Marie and Maria Mellano that aligns with this post.

I Worried

I worried a lot. Will the garden grow, will the rivers flow in the right direction, will the earth turn as it was taught, and if not how shall I correct it?
Was I right, was I wrong, will I be forgiven, can I do better?
Will I ever be able to sing, even the sparrows can do it and I am, well, hopeless.
Is my eyesight fading or am I just imagining it, am I going to get rheumatism, lockjaw, dementia?
Finally, I saw that worrying had come to nothing. 
And, gave it up. And took my old body and went out into the morning, and sang.

~ Mary Oliver


Imagine yourself in a forest. You pause to take a deep breath, smell the trees, hear the birds and take in all the other natural sounds all around. Inhaling what the trees release, you are renewed. Exhaling to the trees for support in transmuting and cleansing, you feel clarity and lightness. Breathing together with nature in this way allows for grounding, cleansing, and renewal. Presence into this for centering in Self. Bow to the trees and say, “thank you for your service.”


Service - Calling upon the energy of the second chakra - a creative energy aligned with the flow of water, and a feeling an energy aligned with the current of life - you wonder how are you being called to serve

This is practice. Remember the importance of maintaining boundaries within yourself and in relation to others as you practice being of service. The second chakra is also an energy center for regulating empathy.  Empathy is defined as the ability to take on the perspectives and feelings of another. While empathy is essential for connection, it is even more important that, as we serve, we remain healthy and in balance. In regulating our capacity to feel and perceive, we want to empathize with others by using this amazing gift and tool for connectedness. At the same time, we balance this by clearing away that which is not our responsibility to ‘take on.’ We must remain grounded and centered in our own bodies, to be and stay within ourselves. We return to ourselves if we have left. Imagine standing on the porch of your psyche, ringing a dinner bell, calling all of your parts home for dinnertime… come home!


Taking on what isn’t mine, with the goal of relieving someone else’s trauma, is co-dependency. This is damaging on every level, including cellular. To give from a full, loving, and compassionate heart (from the full well) is the whole way to be of service. Remember to balance this with self-generosity first. Then give from a full tank.


Love | Compassion - Compassion is the desire to be of service when confronted with suffering - your’s or another's. When we face suffering and feel the desire to be “helpful,” we must first ask ourselves, “Will this really be helpful? Is this truly what this situation calls for me to do?”  Or am I reacting from a need or impulse just to jump in and fix things? Ask yourself “what’s driving this?” Then pause, breathe (as if with the forest), and open your heart.  Aim the energy and the light from within towards the suffering. This is a practice of offering light to shadow. And it’s deeply transformative. Be with the part that is in pain without judgement - whether it's your own part or a part in another. Hold steady, with your breathing, and balance the boundaries within yourself. Other parts may surface to deter you.  "You mustn’t feel this or that.”, they might say. “Suppress your pain and needs." Ask for space from this part. Breathe, and be with the suffering, bringing a calm and patient presence. Be with the suffering; hold the intent as is transmuted into healing, freedom and peace. Holding space in this way is how healing and shifts come about.  What part of yourself could benefit in being held with self-love and compassion in this way?


Peace Offering - setting boundaries and holding space with dignity and respect allows for balance and inner peace.  Imagine honoring hurt and allowing space for it to heal. Put aside a narrative and make a peace offering to a part of yourself with which you've been in conflict... an inner conflict. Can a peace offering within yourself bring greater love and compassion for yourself? How could this be extended out into your world, into your life overall?


Sometimes we fear being the ones to initiate a peace offering because we fear rejection and more hurt. So instead, walls go up. Imagine letting go of the worry... and the walls. Then simply feel into making the peace offering... let what this allows for “be.  Then do more of this.


Gratitude - What three things are you grateful for, right now? Personally I am so very grateful for the heat in my home, this very cold Vermont winter! I am also grateful for my precious pup, who reminds me to love, play, follow my instincts and get outside in the fresh air! I am grateful for the sunrise and the clearing that comes through the morning fog. And I am most grateful for a chance at repair and renewal when hurts have occurred.


What are you grateful for?


Consider a desire that resides deep inside your heart... either something too grand and good to be true, or something exquisitely simple. Pause to imagine what your life would feel like if this desire were actualized. Pause again and feel into aligning with gratitude as if this has already occurred, here in the now moment. Envision it. Feel it. Then offer it up to the universe for divine alignment. Consider aligning the 'wholy' trinity: practicing love and compassion, making peace offerings, and being of service with an attitude of gratitude, grateful to be able to breathe with the trees in the forest.


Consider the following for help with balancing boundaries and transmuting feelings: 


I am not my feelings of fear. I am that which is aware of my feelings of fear. I hold space within myself for transmuting all fear into faith.


I am not my feelings of frustration. I am that which is aware of my feelings of frustration.  I hold space within myself for transmuting all frustration into faith.


I am not my feelings of failure. I am that which is aware of my feelings of failure.  I hold space within myself for transmuting all failure into faith.


I am safe.

I am held.

I am healthy.

I am at ease.

And, so it is

Please enjoy the soul guidance reading video with Angela Marie and Maria Mellano that aligns with this post and the image below:

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