For Post Graduate Social Workers

Are you a passionate and dedicated post-graduate social worker looking for a fulfilling opportunity to kick-start your career? Look no further! Integral Bloom, Inc., an independently owned psychotherapy practice, is seeking dynamic individuals to join our team as Independent Contractor Psychotherapists.


1. Mentorship and Training:

  Mentorship by Maria Mellano, LICSW: Tap into the wealth of experience of Maria Mellano, a seasoned LICSW with 25 years in the field. Benefit from personalized guidance, feedback, and professional insights that will elevate your clinical practice.

  Practice Marketing: Integral Bloom understands the importance of visibility. Gain exposure and build your professional brand with assistance in practice marketing, helping you attract a diverse client base.


2. Professional Development:

  Insurance Panel Credentialing: Navigate the complexities of insurance panel credentialing with our support. We'll guide you through the process, ensuring that you can efficiently and effectively offer your services to a broader audience.

  Innovation in Therapeutic Methods: Immerse yourself in the dynamic field of psychodrama with specialized training. Expand your skill set, providing you with unique tools to engage clients and address therapeutic challenges creatively.


3. Flexibility and Autonomy:

  Choose Your Own Hours: At Integral Bloom, we recognize the importance of work-life balance. Craft your own schedule, giving you the flexibility to manage your time and commitments effectively.

  Remote and Telehealth Opportunities: Embrace the convenience of working from the comfort of your own space. Whether you prefer a private practice setting or the versatility of telehealth, we accommodate your preferences.


4. Personal and Professional Growth:

  Board Approved Supervision: Accelerate your path towards independent licensure with our Board Approved Supervision program. Receive comprehensive support as you advance in your career, ensuring you meet regulatory requirements.

  Opportunity to Work with Diverse Populations: Integral Bloom encourages therapists to broaden their horizons. Be prepared to work with a variety of populations, enhancing your adaptability and enriching your professional experience.


5. Community and Networking:

  Join a Supportive Community: Become part of a collaborative and supportive community at Integral Bloom. Engage with fellow professionals, share experiences, and foster connections that contribute to your personal and professional growth.


6. Competitive Compensation:

  Robust Percentage Split: Enjoy a competitive and transparent compensation structure, with a robust percentage split of insurance claims reimbursement. Your hard work is recognized and rewarded appropriately.


Integral Bloom values its team members as key contributors to the organization's success. We believe in investing in your growth, ensuring that you not only excel in your role but also find fulfillment and satisfaction in your career journey with us.


Join us and let your potential bloom! 🌸


If you are interested, please email Eve: [email protected] aand please put "Social Work Fellowship" in the subject line.